It has been an honor working with Deborah who has been the consummate professional. I have done three re-finances with her company. All three re-finances passed escrow without any delays because Deborah was very thorough in reviewing all the necessary documents. Deborah updated me consistently on the process which I appreciated very much.

9 years ago
Kathy K.

Deborah, we just wanted to drop a line and thank you for helping us with our re-finance. We enjoyed working with you and everyone in your company. Teresa was so kind and patient with every thing she asked for. I felt like I knew her and never even got to meet her. After talking to you, Deborah, I felt like we were old friends. And, Ryan the notary you sent to us to sign all the paper work was just wonderful. He made us feel so comfortable and explained every paper we signed and answered all of our questions. He was just a very nice person. We have refinanced before and I never liked the experience, but working with your team made the experience so easy and pleasant. Weston and I will surely recommend you to our friend's and family. Thank you for every thing.

9 years ago
Weston & Rebecca S.

I wanted to share that working with Deborah McNaughton and her company Legacy Financial Services was a very reassuring financial process. The main reason I say this is because my wife and I have never met Deborah or Theresa in person nor do we even know what they look like. What was so reassuring was the genuineness of their characters as we often spoke with them and the integrity of their handling of our loan at every stage of the process. My wife and I love “real” people and we found that transparency in Deborah which no doubt was reflected in those who work for her. Since our home is our most valued financial investment, my wife and I felt that Deborah was first and foremost concerned about our present and future financial security. So, when sharing our ideas and posing many questions, we felt we were being supported toward good financial planning and not just a simple refinance. Thank you Deborah and Theresa for being there to help us.

9 years ago
Lou & Linda C.

Deborah and her company were wonderful to work with. She was an answer to my prayers when no one else would help me at the time I needed help. Deborah has a keen sense about her and she shows it in her attitude while talking to you. She shows that she cares and she wants the best for you. Deborah is a very compassionate and caring person and she goes out of her way to get the best rate for her customer. If you are in need of a person with financial qualifications, Legacy Financial Services would be the place to do business. Deborah and her team were my answer to my prayers about my home loan.

9 years ago
Marlene H.

We have used Deborah for our two home loans in the last few years. We have been extremely happy with our loan, the rate, and their attention to detail to get everything completed on time. I have recommended several friends to Legacy Financial Services for mortgage services and all of them have been extremely happy.

9 years ago
Drew & Kristy P.

When I was first thinking about refinancing my mortgage, I wanted to make sure that I got a reasonable deal and security for my personal information. I did my research and talked to (2) big-name Banks for individual price quotes. It took a lot of effort, and they were slow, had bad service and a high cost. I didn't want to deal with unknown lenders or through the junk mails I received for security reasons. So I figured the best way to shop around is through a mortgage broker. But who do you trust? I had a few referrals from friends but Deborah McNaughton at Legacy Financial Services came highly recommended. I am really glad I called Deborah. My mortgage refinance process went smoothly with Legacy Financial Services and resulted in more than I hoped to achieve. Many thanks to Deborah for providing straight honest answers on what was possible based on my financial situation and market rates. She told me what to expect and accommodated my work & play schedule! I am 100% sure I ended up with the best interest rate, term and very reasonable costs (all the usual closing cost but a little lower than others). I really want to express my appreciation to Deborah's team of professionals especially Theresa. Thanks again Deborah.

9 years ago
Bruno & Rosemary A.

My husband handled everything to do with finances and I never felt the need to learn. When he passed away suddenly at age 59, I was overwhelmed with things I knew nothing about. A friend referred me to Deborah and she was so wonderful. She refinanced my home to a much lower rate, rolled in a HELOC, and changed the title of my home to my name only. I had been fearful to do any of these things, but Deborah's calm, positive attitude was very reassuring. She called back 9 months later when interest rates dropped again, and she helped me take advantage of the lower rates. I referred my daughter to her as well and Deborah saved her nearly $600 per month. I give her my highest recommendation-- she makes everything very easy!

9 years ago
Mary B.

Deborah McNaughton with Legacy Financial Services came to my aid. I lost my husband due to cancer. This put me in a financial bind by loosing income and I accrued additional bills. Social Security temporarily froze our checks. It was my desire to stay in my home. I didn't know what to do and the ONLY person I would trust with such delicate matters is Deborah. She assisted me with a Reverse Mortgage with an FHA Loan. The escrow with smooth and I was assured numerous times that Deborah has a handle on the process. She also touched base with me to assure me that we were right on target with the loan. Deborah has expertise in all types of loans including a Reverse Mortgage. Few companies have the expertise in Reverse Mortgages. My escrow officer that I choose stated that she does about 50+ Reverse Mortgages a month and that she was impressed with the expertise and knowledge of Deborah and her company.I I definitely put my name to her and recommend her for any home loans need you have.

9 years ago
Barb L.

Deborah and Legacy Financial Services has been an answer to prayer for me. The counseling has been valuable beyond belief. And the effectiveness of what she has shared with me and what she has done for me has changed my whole lifestyle. If she is able to work with me and get me refinanced with a loan as she has done more than once, then there is hope for just about anyone. She is honest, efficient, and very effective. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs financial or mortgage help.

9 years ago
Tom W.

It was a pleasure working with Deborah... With her persistence and efficiency, she qualified me for the best rate along with the terms I requested for refinancing my home. She is very knowledgeable in the industry, so if one avenue didn’t pan out, she would try another...in the end, the results were proven.

9 years ago
Louis G.

I was completely satisfied with the services and personal attention that Deborah McNaughton of Legacy Financial Services provided in the refinancing of my home. Her professionalism and prompt attention to the details of my loan allowed me to have peace of mind. Thanks again for all your help!

9 years ago
Mary Louise C.

I was stuck with a 30 year mortgage at a 10% interest rate with a very low credit score and a feeling of hopelessness. I tried refinancing several years ago with another bank, and the best they could offer me was a 30 year adjustable mortgage---so I refused. When I met Deborah she showed a personal interest and was committed to helping me refinance at a lower interest rate. First she showed me how to improve my credit score by suggesting that I pay down some of my debt. Once that was done my credit score went up and Deborah patiently walked me through the refinancing process and got me qualified for a 15 year fixed mortgage at a 2.875% interest rate. I am presently saving approximately $1,200 per month. Who does that for a complete stranger? I found Deborah to be extremely knowledgeable and professional with a very caring attitude. I will be forever grateful for her kindness.

9 years ago
Pat G.

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